(Video) UFC’s Sodiq Yusuff Teaches Influencer a Friendly Lesson In Sparring Session

In a lighthearted training session, UFC featherweight Sodiq Yusuff spent time teaching social media influencer Peaks100 some basic mixed martial arts techniques. Yusuff, known for his exciting style in the Octagon, took a friendly approach in providing Peaks100 with an introduction to striking and grappling.

The session began with Yusuff showing Peaks100 proper kicking techniques, emphasizing stance, balance, and generating power from the hips and legs. Peaks100 practiced a variety of kicks including front kicks, roundhouse kicks, and push kicks while Yusuff offered pointers on form and technique.

After covering striking on the feet, the two transitioned to grappling and ground techniques. Yusuff demonstrated how to secure a tight guillotine choke from the guard position, carefully walking Peaks100 through the mechanics. Though Peaks100 attempted the submission, Yusuff was able to calmly defend using proper technique.

Throughout the session, the mood remained upbeat with both Yusuff and Peaks100 keeping things fun while still taking the training seriously. Yusuff made sure to offer insights from his years of martial arts experience while allowing Peaks100 to get a taste of MMA training.

The overall vibe was one of mutual respect, with Yusuff understanding his role in providing a positive learning experience for the influencer. At the same time, Peaks100 pushed himself and remained a willing student throughout the unique training opportunity.

By spending time cross-training with personalities from other spheres, Yusuff continues to be an ambassador for mixed martial arts. His filmed session with Peaks100 allowed a glimpse into the martial arts world for Peaks100’s fans and followers in an enjoyable, educational way.