(Video) Wrestler slugs rival during heated exchange

A wrestler was recently kicked out of competition following some unsportsmanlike behavior.

Russian wrestler Atsamaz Tebloev is facing disciplinary actions following his behavior in a match against Lkhagvagerel Munkhtur in a 125kgs showdown at the Poddubny International Wrestling League.

The two were involved in heated exchanges when Tebloev succumbed to provocation and unleashed a combination of blows at Munkhtur. He would end up flooring Munkhtur with a left.

To Match TV, Russian Wrestling Federation president Mikhail Mamiashvili confirmed that the body will consider “harsh penalties” for the 22-year-old.

“With regard to the athlete and the territory he represents, the most stringent measures will be taken. We will deal with this situation in the most thorough way and with the toughest attitude.

“Today I met with the President of the Mongolian Wrestling Federation,” Mamiashvili went on.

“We are very grateful to the Mongolian delegation. Athletes, despite all the restrictions, are present, they are adequately represented, [and] among them there are finalists. It is unfortunate that this situation left such an unpleasant aftertaste,” he concluded, before revealing that Munkhtur is well enough to compete in the final on Friday night.

Online commenters were a bit taken aback by intense handfighting which turned into a slug fest with some remarking:

“Sorry, nope. That’s not hand fighting. That’s hand throwing. That was not wrestling,” said one.

“You’d actually ask that question. I’m concerned for your knowledge of the sport,” the poster of the clip was also told.

“I can’t believe that the question was even asked. If you’ve ever wrestled before you should know that was a punch,” came a similar criticism.

“That’s not hard hands, he is throwing haymakers,” was another observation.