(Video) When Youtuber turned boxer KSI tried to test himself in MMA against UFC’s Michael Bisping

Nowadays we see a lot of influencers try their hand in boxing. With sizeable audiences the interest is built in – but the skill is not. Which is why they’re often times matched between themselves.

Jake Paul seems to be one of the only influencers turned boxers that actually went Pro – and is no longer an amateur.

But Paul also tried his hand at MMA at one point and was rebuffed.

Similarly, KSI also once tried his hand at MMA and even trained grappling alongside UFC’s Michael Bisping.

Bisping is a former UFC middleweight champion. KSI met with Bisping a while back to work on his boxing and grappling skills, taught him some training drills, ground work, and how to hit the pads.

While the video itself is a mixture of training and playful sparring, it still shows Bisping’s prowess and craftiness in combat sports. He can be seen showing KSI different types of holds, set ups and how to transition from ground and pound to a submission.

Bisping also demonstrated different ways you can set up a heel hook. Bisping reached the peak of his career after facing Luke Rockhold and snatching the title. Bisping would go on to lose the title to Georges St-Pierre in his infamous comeback and go on to lose one more prior to retiring.

Bisping was dealing with an eye issue for much of his career – which he blames to date on Vitor Belfort being given a therapeutic use exemption to use testosterone ahead of their clash.

KSI is currently set for a boxing bout with Dillon Dannis on January 14 2023 in Wembley Arena, London. He is the heavy favorite heading into the match despite the fact that Danis had nothing but success during his time at Bellator as an active mixed martial artist.