(Video) When UFC vet knocked out pro skater opponent with one arm duct-taped to his body

Shane Carwin’s remarkable display of knockout prowess remained undiminished. Despite having retired from mixed martial arts in 2013 due to a string of injuries, Carwin showcased his skill at EllisMania 13. The event, hosted by professional skateboarder and radio personality Jason Ellis, witnessed Carwin’s triumphant return.

In the main event, Carwin engaged in an exhibition boxing match against Ellis, agreeing to restrict his right arm with duct tape. However, this limitation did little to hinder the 41-year-old former UFC interim heavyweight champion. With a lead left hook in the second round, Carwin delivered an impressive knockout blow to Ellis, securing his first knockout victory in six years.

Carwin’s reputation as one of the sport’s most powerful hitters preceded him. Renowned for his devastating knockout victories over the likes of Frank Mir and Gabriel Gonzaga, the Colorado native gained widespread recognition for his dominant performance against Brock Lesnar at UFC 116. Despite eventually succumbing to exhaustion and an arm-triangle in the second round, Carwin’s initial five-minute onslaught on the heavyweight champion left an indelible mark.

In contrast, Ellis, aged 45, boasted prior experience in combat sports. A former member of Team Quest, he notably submitted Tony Gianopulos in 2009 and held two exhibition victories over Gabe Ruediger, a former participant on series 5 of The Ultimate Fighter.

Carwin’s return to the ring basically signified a beggining of an era in which MMA stars started seeking exhibitions and the sport opened up to various stunts which now include competing in cars, phonebooths, competitions between influencers and more.