(Video) When UFC vet had to step up and defend himself while he was refereeing an MMA bout

UFC veteran Frank Camacho has received widespread praise from fans after a video resurfaced of him handling an unexpected incident from a concussed mixed martial artist while refereeing a bout in Guam in 2016. Camacho, who competed in the UFC from 2017 to 2022, calmly controlled the situation without resorting to excessive force.

The video of the incident has gone viral on social media, with fans lauding Camacho for his composure and professionalism in handling the situation.

In the video, Camacho can be seen talking to the concussed guy and holding him close to prevent any further harm. Camacho did not retaliate, and instead calmly explained to the mixed martial artist who he was and that he was there to help.

Fans were impressed with Camacho’s ability to handle the situation with grace and professionalism, especially when compared to other instances when MMA pros have attacked referees. The incident involving UFC veteran Roy Nelson attacking referee John McCarthy in 2016 is one such example.

In that case, Nelson was suspended for nine months and fined $24,000 for his actions. Unlike Nelson, Camacho’s response to the attack was praised for its approach and ability to defuse the situation.

“Frank is a great guy. Showed him grace.”

“Handled the situation like a true professional with real experience to understand the situation.”

“Kudos to him for keeping composure and not hitting the guy, rather he controlled the situation.”

“Props to the ref. Handled that very impressively.”

“What a fantastic job by Camacho.”

“Amazing understanding that the guy was in a daze and helped him understand by holding on and just talking to him. Much respect!”

“That is a real professional.”