(Video) When Pereira’s son mocked Adesanya by pretending to get knocked out

Israel Adesanya established himself in the kickboxing community before winning the middleweight title in the UFC. Many people rank Adesanya as one of the all-time best MMA fighters.

However, when he came upon Alex Pereira, it seemed that he had found his counterpart. Both guys were already quite skilled kickboxers back when they met for the first time.

Adesanya and Pereira reconnected a year later. Adesanya started to act a little showboating after taking an early lead on the scorecards.

However, it eventually led to his demise as Pereira waited patiently for the proper opportunity to attack. With a strong left punch, he nonchalantly and calmly knocked Adesanya out.

It was frightening to see when medical personnel arrived to assist the injured Adesanya. He was struggling to recover consciousness and needed oxygen. After a while, Adesanya gently stood up and walked over to the referee’s side.

While he was doing so, Pereira’s son made fun of him by falling down directly next to him.

During the live show, the funny prank was captured on video. However, it seems no one saw it until now.

A Twitter user by the name of @TheArtofWar uploaded the video: “Alex Pereira’s son mocking Izzy by pretending to be knocked out.”

Meanwhile, Pereira has now moved up the rankings past players like Darren Till and Jack Hermansson.

He stated: “A lot of people talk, especially fighters, they think they have a chance over me, so it feels good to prove that because at the end of the day it’s what the people want.”

“People want to see knockouts. People want to see the style that I fight. People want to see whoever is in front of me getting knocked out and that’s what I bring for them.”