(Video) When Luke Rockhold outgrappled a bull while nursing a broken jaw

Luke Rockhold is a former middleweight champion in the UFC and while he used to be a force to be reckoned with in the octagon, he has also proven his prowess outside of it.

A while back, Luke Rockhold decided to test his grappling prowess against a bull in Montana.

The former champion was very proud of his grappling skills and he certainly showed them off in quite a fashion by using his power to tame a powerful animal that could have easily injured him.

He started out by holding a bull dog choke position over the animal before the pen was opened.
He managed to latch on to it for quite a while and then proceeded to take it down twice.

While the first take down was impressive in its own right, during the second take down he positioned his body and used it as leverage to pin the bull down and transition to a full mount.

Though the bull still managed to get away in the end, the way he handled the whole challenge was certainly impressive and deserves praise.

At the time he was nursing a broken jaw from his previous bout. Though you wouldn’t think he wasn’t injured by the looks of it as he had the time and the will to throw down with a bull and looked happy and healthy doing so.

It was also during this time that UFC president Dana White stated that he thinks that Rockhold should consider retiring but he’s still fully active in the UFC today.

Luke Rockhold is set to take on Paulo Costa at UFC 278 in his much anticipated return after two years after taking on former light heavyweight champion Jan Blachowicz.

Rockhold may have gone 1-2 since he lost his title in UFC 199 but it doesn’t look like he’s going to let it keep him down.