(Video) When Khabib watched cousin make a homeless man do push-ups for money

Khabib Nurmagomedov and his cousin Abubakar Nurmagomedov found themselves at the center of a heated debate due to their interaction with homeless individuals.

While strolling down the street, the Dagestani pair came across a group of homeless people. The two encouraged them to perform push-ups in exchange for monetary assistance. As the homeless guys were doing push-ups, they were laughing at them.

The video of this encounter sparked a wide array of reactions across the internet. Opinions were sharply divided, with some condemning the act as cruel and inhumane while others viewed it differently.

One user wrote: “It wasn’t even Khabib who “made a homeless do pushups”, it was Abubakar. And they had a friendly interaction according to Javier and that homeless person himself”

Another user vehemently criticized Nurmagomedov, labeling the act as inhumane. They held the belief that if Khabib was present and did not intervene to halt the humiliating act, he bore a share of responsibility.

He wrote: “If he was there and didn’t stop the humilitating act, he is just as guilty. Money, fame, talent are all great, but if you lack basic human decency you are not a good person.”

One user argued that neglecting and turning a blind eye to homeless individuals might be a graver offense. The comment read: “How is that humiliating? Most people like yourself I’m sure, ignore and don’t even look at them, isn’t that worse?”

Another user commented by mimicking Khabib. He wrote: “you have to earn this bradda”

Beyond this controversy, Khabib’s influence on the world of mixed martial arts is significant. He took on the role of coach for Islam Makhachev after his own retirement, playing a pivotal part in Makhachev’s journey to becoming a champion.

However, Khabib ultimately decided to step away from coaching to prioritize spending quality time with his family.

According to Usman Nurmagomedov, Khabib will not be in Islam Makhachev’s corner for the upcoming UFC 294 event. Makhachev is set to defend his title against Charles Oliveira in a highly anticipated rematch.

Usman expressed confidence in his brother’s decision, firmly stating that Khabib would not be making a return to coaching.

He stated: “He not gonna be corner Islam, nah he just train brother, always training. He just come to Dubai and training, stay with these guys, like this is very good energy you know. But how I know he’s not come back (to coaching), he’s not corner, he’s not coach but he push all the time when he’s in the gym, he’s push everybody.”

Despite this, Khabib remains actively engaged with the competitors on his team, offering support and motivation during their training sessions. He also maintains regular communication with Islam Makhachev and his coaching staff to stay abreast of their progress and well-being.