(Video) When Joe Rogan obliterated boxing in debate with ESPN staffer

In the world of combat sports, Joe Rogan, renowned MMA commentator and host of the widely popular Joe Rogan Experience podcast, has been a vocal advocate for the excitement and versatility offered by Mixed Martial Arts. Rogan’s love for MMA, coupled with his extensive knowledge of martial arts, has solidified his position as a key figure in the industry.

The UFC, propelled by figures like Dana White and the Fertitta brothers, transformed into the fastest-growing sports promotion globally after facing initial challenges. Rogan’s sentiments from 15 years ago, where he unleashed a scathing critique against boxing promoter Lou DiBella, have resurfaced and gained traction in today’s context.

In the viral rant, Rogan asserted that boxing is a limited form of fighting, highlighting its adherence to using only hands in a confrontation. He contrasted this with MMA, emphasizing its inclusivity of various fighting aspects such as ground game, kicking, punching, elbows, and submissions. Rogan suggested that while boxing focuses on one aspect of fighting, MMA encapsulates the true sport of fighting, making it more dynamic and exciting.

Fast forward to the present, and Rogan’s predictions seem to have materialized. The UFC stands as the fastest-growing sports promotion, hosting more significant fights annually than boxing. The depth of UFC fight cards has surpassed those in boxing, where main events often carry the weight of star power.

However, Rogan’s views have sparked a heated debate among netizens. While some agree with his perspective, acknowledging the importance of a well-rounded skill set in MMA, others vehemently defend boxing’s supremacy. The discourse reflects the ongoing evolution of combat sports and the diverse opinions within the fan base.