(Video) When James Krause proposed betting on his guy, UFC flyweight Jeff Molina

Jeff Molina is suspended by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. The news of the suspension was confirmed on Christmas eve in typical Hollywood fashion.

Press releases late on Friday and ahead of long weekends are a custom in Hollywood that stems from the fact that most papers had to have locked in content by Thursday night so that paper editions can print on Monday.

While this strategy came from traditional media, it’s used to date. This is why it’s no surprise that UFC’s partner, ESPN published the news on Christmas eve.

Helwani claims that Krause is the biggest threat to UFC in modern day after outlining the timeline of the scandal. He’s likely not the only MMA insider that opted to cash in on that knowledge.

Krause openly admitted to betting on his guys during the infamous MMA Hour interview, but much of the evidence has been deleted since. We preserved some of the content ahead of the scandal and are running our own investigations.

Here’s how Krause touted betting on Jeff Molina ahead of his June contest against Zhalgas Zhumagulov.

At that point, UFC hadn’t banned athletes and coaches from betting.

“The last one we want to talk about anyway. We’re kind of skipping around the main card ‘El Jefe. ”

“Seeing him compete with Brendon Moreno in the room, with Tim Eliot in the room. He does great against these guys. He’s really good. Fighting is by far his toughest test today against Zhalgas Zhumagulov one of the things that people don’t give him enough credit for is just like you.”

“I think he’s going to just be like a step ahead. It’s always going to be like a tight, tight fight. Each is going to be like a step or two ahead without like diving into the game plan of time. One of the things that we saw with Zhalgas is his feet always tend to slow after the first round.”

“And Jeff is not a guy that you want to stand in front of. Jeff is going, he’s going to find you. He’s going to he’s going to hit you and he’s knees set you. Yes. You make a as he sees everything so clear 100%. I think Jeff is sitting at like -170 right now. I’ll have a position on him for sure.”

Following his withdrawal from UFC January card, Molina declined to comment on suspension.