(Video) When Brendan Schaub accidentally made fun of Chito Vera’s disabled daughter

Brendan Schaub is a gift that keeps on giving. UFC athlete turned broadcaster is perhaps the biggest poster child for why brain health matters and why the journalistic profession isn’t for everyone.

Recently Schaub was even mocked by his long time patron Joe Rogan, over how seriously he takes being mocked on the internet.

But as we prepare for Chito Vera’s next event we were reminded of a viral moment that proves that Schaub should stay as far away from journalism as possible. The so called ‘Big Brown’ had Chito Vera on his show food truck diaries. There Chito Vera opened up about his child suffering from a rare disease.

 His daughter suffered from Moebius Syndrome, a rare neurological condition that primarily affects the muscles responsible for facial expression and eye movement.

Vera explained to Schaub:

“because they call them medically, like kids without a smile. Because they cannot do this movement, at all.”

To which Schaub responded:
“There’s no facial expression on? So it looks like she’s just having the worst time all the time?”

Schaubisms aside Marlon Vera was recently grateful for his MMA career helping to provide for his child’s surgery saying.
“Through MMA, I was able to get the surgery.”

“It was what I was making when I signed with the UFC, which is, it’s f**king a lot… These days, everybody’s complaining about pay and everybody’s like, ‘Oh, Dana’s rich and fighters are poor.’ Dana wasn’t born rich. Dana become rich because of how hard he worked.”

But this isn’t telling the whole story. Those of us who have been in the MMA fandom for a while might remember that Vera’s daughter actually got her surgery thanks to a gofundme page the athlete had set up to finance the $50,000.

This gesture is also interesting considering that Dana White had promised to pay for his daughter’s surgery on TUF Latin America – the show where Chito broke out.

And while UFC athlete pay is a huge hot topic it’s understandable that Vera might back his boss after the gesture he (presumably) made toward his child.