(Video) When a mixed martial artist got slapped and berated by his mother for losing

Anna Azovskaya is a celebrity in the Russian MMA world. She is the “momager” of Viktor Kichigin and his two brothers, Georgy and Grigoriy. Azovskaya also trained her two daughters Yaroslava and Uslada and they have also entered the MMA circuit.

In an interview with Azovskaya said, “In MMA, I am the one mother in the world who supports three sons and two daughters in battles.”.

Azovskaya takes MMA a bit too seriously.

After a devastating loss, Russian mixed martial artist Viktor Kichigin was berated and slapped by his mother in the cage.

Kichigin had a horrendous outing against Ruslan Yamanbaev at FN Global 67 in 2017. After being on the receiving side of a ton of ground and pound from his opponent, the lightweight lay slumped on the mat. Kichigin thought that the TKO would be the worst thing to happen to him that night.

However, his mother and manager, Anna Azovskaya, entered the fray and conducted a harsh debriefing. While she cleaned the mess that was on his face, he received a few hard slaps and an earful. It is quite amusing how he was being read the riot act while receiving some much-needed first aid.

Kichigin who also goes by the name “The Lion Of Pyatigorsk”, probably didn’t appreciate the tough love. He stormed out of the cage soon after. Azovskaya had to stand in his place while the referee raised Ruslan Yamanbaev’s hand.

She is often seen accusing her kid’s opponents of using PEDs and other forms of malpractice. MMA mega fan caposa, (who goes on twitter by @Grabaka_Hitman) reported that she used to enter the cage and perform a ritual for her kids. The odd ritual involved popping balloons with a blade mounted on a chain.

During the bout against Yamanbaev, she couldn’t stay put in her seat. Instead, she can be seen shouting from the sidelines and shadowboxing.