(Video) Vitaly throws a tantrum to avoid PED test post boxing win against MoDeen

Vitaly, also known as Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, has stirred controversy on social media after declining to undergo a PED test following his victory over MoDeen at Misfits Boxing 13. In a backstage encounter with an anti-doping official, the YouTuber adamantly refused to participate in the PED screening.

During the exchange, Vitaly inquired about potential repercussions for his refusal. When informed by the anti-doping official that the athletic commission overseeing the boxing matches would determine any consequences, Vitaly dismissively disregarded the test.

While admitting to testosterone usage despite his relatively young age of 32, Vitaly’s actions have drawn significant criticism from fans on social media. One fan expressed suspicion regarding his use of performance-enhancing substances, while another referenced past legal issues involving assault against a female jogger, condemning his behavior and calling for him to be sidelined.

Furthermore, his perceived entitled demeanor sparked backlash among fans, with some labeling him as a typical influencer exerting privilege. Calls for his exclusion from future combat sports events echoed sentiments of consequences similar to his current ban from major sporting events due to previous pranks.

In addition to the controversy surrounding Vitaly’s refusal to undergo PED testing, his performance against MoDeen resulted in a first-round TKO victory. However, this triumph is overshadowed by the scrutiny surrounding his post-fight actions.

Vitaly’s history of altercations extends beyond the boxing ring, as evidenced by a past confrontation with Bradley Martyn during the highly anticipated rematch between Logan Paul and KSI in 2019. An altercation erupted between Vitaly and Martyn, leading to physical altercations before being separated.