(Video) Vitaly threw a trash can at MoDeen and took on the entire gym

An increasing number of influencers and social media personalities are delving into the realm of boxing matches. Beyond its raw intensity, boxing serves as a straightforward combat sport, easily accessible to a broad audience. The allure of drama and rivalry significantly amplifies the anticipation surrounding these influencer boxing bouts, particularly among the younger demographic.

Among the prominent platforms facilitating such matchups is Misfits Boxing, a crossover boxing promotion founded by YouTube sensation KSI. Teaming up with the streaming giant DAZN, Misfits Boxing has garnered substantial traction, hosting numerous successful events. The forthcoming spectacle, MF & DAZN: X Series 13, dubbed as the “Outnumbered Match,” is scheduled for March 23 in Nashville, Tennessee.

The headline attraction of the event is a unique 2-on-1 showdown, pitting YouTuber FoxTheG against the duo of influencers Most Wanted and Evil Hero. However, the spotlight intensifies with the presence of the polarizing figure, ‘Vitaly,’ slated to square off against TikTok personality MoDeen.

Amidst the media workout event organized by Misfits Boxing, Vitaly stirred controversy by engaging in a heated altercation with MoDeen. Tempers flared, resulting in Vitaly being promptly escorted out after hurling a trash can in MoDeen’s direction.

The provocative act triggered a wave of indignation from MoDeen and other attendees present at the gym. Security swiftly intervened, escorting Vitaly outside as the gym members trailed closely behind. Escalating tensions nearly culminated in a physical altercation between Vitaly and MoDeen outside the premises, narrowly averted by the vigilant security personnel.

Originating from Russia, Vitaly Zdorovetskiy rose to fame on YouTube in 2012. However, his notoriety swiftly escalated owing to his outlandish content. Vitaly’s run-ins with the law, including his arrest for intruding onto the field during the 2014 FIFA World Cup Final and subsequent trespassing incidents like scaling the Hollywood Sign, underscore his penchant for controversy.

With the burgeoning trend of influencer boxing gaining momentum, Vitaly refuses to remain on the sidelines and has eagerly embraced the opportunity to square off against TikTok luminary MoDeen. Their longstanding feud, brewing over the past several months, is poised to reach its zenith within the confines of the squared circle.