(Video) Viral video shows kickboxer breaking his nose after a devastating uppercut

The world of combat sports was rocked by a jaw-dropping moment when Shayan Heydari faced off against the Thai sensation, Por Tor Thor Petchrungruang. The two competed during the electrifying THAI FIGHT Kard Chuek Pluak Daeng event.

In the event, Heydari’s nose endured a dramatic transformation that left spectators surprised and commentators scrambling for words.

As the second round unfolded, Petchrungruang seized the opportunity to showcase his skills. With precision and power, he backed Heydari into a corner. He then unleashed a ferocious right uppercut that altered the trajectory of the match.

Furthermore, a startled commentator said that the blow had transported his nose “into another dimension”.

The audience gasped in disbelief as Heydari bravely endured the aftermath of the brutal strike. Social media erupted with reactions, echoing the sentiments of fans worldwide. Some expressed concern for Heydari’s well-being, while others marveled at the sheer intensity of the moment.

One comment read: “Oh nooooo. Line him up for a left uppercut and reset that s***”

Another wrote: “His nose will never be the same!”

A third fan added: “He can smell round corners now!”

Despite the staggering blow, Heydari remained steadfast on his feet. He demonstrated remarkable resilience in the face of adversity.

Petchrungruang delivered a vicious strike, but Heydari did not touch the deck. He managed to pivot and protect himself from Petchrungruang’s attack, as he was about to unleash a barrage of blows.

When doctors jumped into the ring to tend to the injury, the Iranian fell to his knees. Petchrungruang was declared the winner by technical knockout.
The promotion later posted on social media: “Shayan Heydari has a misshapen nose and can’t continue, unfortunately losing via TKO.”

Based in Thailand, the goal of the THAI FIGHT promotion is to promote Thai culture and customs via the production of matches in conjunction with the tourism board. With each exciting bout, spectators are treated to a spectacle that transcends mere competition, offering a glimpse into the rich heritage and martial prowess of Thailand.