(Video) Video proof that Jake Paul was a solid Wrestler in Highschool

Video footage of Jake Paul’s wrestling match emerged online. The wrestling match was from his high school years. The 25-year-old American reportedly wrestled throughout his high school years along with his brother Logan Paul. One of the matches from Jake Paul’s school years was uploaded to the video platform.

In the video, Jake Paul was fighting Keon Gallagher at 157lb. It was the preliminary offsets for the school wrestling competition.

Jake Paul, wearing a black t-shirt, can be seen dominating the match. When the match started, the two were pushing each other for a few seconds. Then Jake suddenly grabbed the opponent’s leg and took him down. Jake tried to do a leg mount but failed so he switched position and climbed on his opponent’s back, trying to pin him down.

The match continued and Jake managed to pull off a cradle which the opponent couldn’t escape from. Jake Paul kept dominating positionally until the round ended.

This match happened before Jake Paul became popular. Jake Paul became popular on the video platform ‘Vine’ and then took over Youtube with a host of controversies associated with his name. When his older brother, Logan Paul, had a beef with youtuber KSIJake Paul followed Logan to and had his own amateur boxing fight. The celebrity boxing turned out to be lucrative move and Jake is still pursuing it to date.

Since 2019, Jake Paul has fought many popular professional fighters and gained a lot of PPV buys. He has gone 5-0 in his professional boxing career and decided to fight 5 more matches before transitioning to MMA. He hopes to fight the UFC megastar Conor McGregor in the future. However his beef with the UFC seems likely to stand in the way of this vision.