(Video) Usyk juggles massive kettlebells ahead of Tyson Fury blockbuster clash

The upcoming showdown between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk in Saudi Arabia is a huge event in the boxing community. Next month in Saudi Arabia, the two will square off in the heavyweight division’s first undisputed match in more than 25 years.

As both heavyweights gear up for the long-awaited clash, the attention has turned to Usyk’s recent rigorous workout. This left fans worried about Fury’s readiness for the match ahead.

Usyk has been diligently preparing for the highly anticipated match. Recently, he provided a sneak peek into his training routine on his official Instagram page, showcasing an awe-inspiring display of strength and agility.

The video featured a muscular-appearing Usyk flipping kettlebells 360 degrees and flawlessly catching them while performing swings.

Usyk did a few repetitions before tossing the heavy weights onto a sponge mat. He was applauded briefly before beginning to shadowbox.

The workout footage sparked a flurry of reactions among fans, hinting at apprehensions regarding Fury’s ability to match Usyk’s intensity and prowess in the ring.

Admiration poured in for Usyk’s remarkable skills, with fans acknowledging the difficulty and skill required to handle such strenuous exercises. Several comments emphasized Usyk’s unmatched determination and physical form, suggesting that Fury might struggle against such a formidable opponent.

Some of the comments were as follows:

“Woww Usyk is not playing too.”

“Juggling/Flipping one Kettlebell is challenging. Let alone two at the same time.”

“Takes a certain amount of skill level. To properly perform this exercise. Usyk is a bad dude. That’s for sure.”

“Great shape. I can’t wait for February 17th.”

“Usyk taking all the belts home.”

“Usyk is going to embarrass Tyson over 12 rounds. LFG champ.”

Usyk is fresh off a ninth-round TKO victory over British boxer Daniel Dubois. He is getting ready for the greatest match of his career.

While all is going on, Fury enters the Riydah Rumble fresh off a close victory over former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou in October of last year.

Despite concerns raised by Usyk’s training, Tyson Fury remains unwavering in his determination to claim victory in what he describes as a historic match.

Expressing confidence in his ability to emerge victorious, Fury said: “It’s going to be one of the fights for the ages. I believe we are both destined to be here and to be in this big fight in Saudi Arabia. And there’s only one winner, and I am destined to become the undisputed champion.”

“More than that, I am destined to cement my legacy as the No. 1 fighter in this era. To do that I have to beat this little man and that’s it, simple as. Easier said than done I understand, he’s a tricky man, good boxer, slick. But I have seen many people like him before and when they fight the big men they struggle.”

“He’s going to struggle on February 17 and he’s going to lose, I will break him for sure.”