(Video) Underground promotion’s concrete setting causes concern among MMA fans

An underground no-rules bare-knuckle MMA video has surfaced, causing widespread concern. The event, hosted by F.P.V.S Social Fight Club in France, lacks rules, time limits, and any semblance of traditional safety measures associated with sanctioned combat sports.

France has witnessed a surge in MMA popularity since the sport’s legalization in 2020, with notable events featuring prominent stars like Ciryl Gane and Cedric Doumbe. However, the clandestine F.P.V.S Social Fight Club takes a divergent and dangerous approach to the sport.

What sets FPVS apart is its unorthodox venue – an abandoned building with an empty room serving as the makeshift arena. The absence of safety measures, such as padding, ropes, or cages, is alarming. Notably, the combatants engage in battles on a hard concrete floor, deviating from the standard canvas.

The viral video captures a clash between “Trench Kid” and “K the Legionaire,” lasting less than three minutes. The  conclusion sees “Trench Kid” mounting his opponent, lifting him, and smashing his head onto the unforgiving concrete floor, resulting in a swift knockout.

While the underground promotion remains shrouded in secrecy, questions linger about the legality and ethics of such events. The absence of regulations, paired with what is witnessed in the video, underscores the potential dangers participants face in these unsanctioned promotions.

The video’s circulation on social media has sparked widespread concern, with viewers expressing worries about the well-being of the participants. Many fear that such unregulated and dangerous underground fighting may lead to severe injuries or even fatal incidents in the future.