(Video) UFC’s Paddy Pimblett slammed by fans for stunt featuring a little person

British octagon star Paddy Pimblett has been criticized for a controversial YouTube stunt.

The video in question shows Pimblett knocking a little person to the ground with a front kick, leaving the unnamed man sprawled on the mat as Pimblett and YouTube star Danny Duncan break into laughter.

Despite being asked to take it easy, Pimblett’s blow sent the man flying before he crashed back onto the mat. The video has drawn sharp reactions from MMA fans, with many calling it offensive and bullying.

In the video, Pimblett references a famous scene from the movie 300, saying “Like Sparta? ‘This is Sparta’?” just before landing his leg on the pad. This has added to the criticism he has received from fans and the wider public alike.

This is not the first time Pimblett has been involved in a controversial incident. In January, he posted a video of himself sparring with an internet troll who had criticized him online.

Despite being a non-professional, the troll stepped into the octagon with Pimblett, who took it far easier on him than he did on the little person.

In many ways, this is his take on the infamous Ngannou clip in which he accidentally knocks over former coach Fernand Lopez.

Paddy Pimblett has successfully undergone surgery on his ankle earlier today.

The UFC lightweight will remain in a walking boot for the next eight weeks.

Don’t expect to see Paddy back in the octagon until the final third of the year.