(Video) UFC’s hardest trash talker Colby Covington destroys Ian Garry after call out

Ian Garry and Colby Covington have recently rekindled their rivalry. Covington targeted Ian Machado Garry once again. In response to Garry’s offer of an “I Quit Match”, the former interim welterweight champion gave a sharp response.

In an earlier video, Ian Garry went on a rant attacking Colby Covington. He told that the loser of the ‘I Quit’ match would have to quit the UFC. Garry also made fun of Covington’s record of three UFC welterweight championship defeats. Garry declared himself to be the last straw that would break Covington’s “legacy of failure.”

Additionally, Garry promised to permanently remove Colby Covington from the UFC. By beating the veteran, he vowed to “make MMA great again.”

Covington’s brazen demeanor is well known by everyone. In response, Covington posted another video. The American welterweight ridiculed Garry’s offer in the video that was posted on social media. He also called Garry a “c**k boy.”

Covington said: “An ‘I quit’ match implies there is no disqualification and no time limit. No commission would ever approve that. Besides, we already saw you quit back in December before the press conference.”

Covington didn’t stop there. He proceeded to make outrageous demands, suggesting that Garry should subject himself to criticism on social media. He even went as far as involving Garry’s wife Layla Anna-Lee in the controversy. Covington insisted that Layla should beg him to accept the match and should participate in his betting videos.

Ian Garry has never lost a bout in the UFC. However, Covington didn’t seem concerned by it. With little worry, the 36-year-old dismissed the emerging Irish prospect many times. There’s no indication that Covington and Garry’s dispute will stop anytime soon. The debate continues on after Covington’s most recent venomous remarks.

Fans will now have to wait and see if the two actually compete in the MMA cage.