(Video) UFC’s Alex Pereira gears up his son with leg kick training after a prank gone wrong

Alex Pereira is the former middleweight champion. He recently found himself in an unexpected situation – sparring with his own son.

Poatan boasts victories over three UFC champions, making him one of the most feared guys in the organization. In an attempt to impart his extensive knowledge and skills, Alex Pereira decided to test his son inside the cage.

This unique sparring session unfolded at the Teixeira MMA and Fitness Gym. What particularly caught the attention of MMA enthusiasts was Poatan’s proficiency in executing leg kicks, a skill reminiscent of his father’s. Although Poatan gave it his all, he was unable to surpass his father’s prowess.

Nevertheless, the sparring session garnered significant praise from the MMA community, with many admirers taking to social media platforms to laud Pereira’s son. The leg kicks, in particular, stood out and received widespread acclaim. Some even speculated that Alex Pereira might be training his son to face Israel Adesanya, possibly in response to Adesanya’s antics at UFC 287.

“His son is training that leg kick for Izzy,” tweeted one enthusiastic fan. Others conjectured that Pereira might have held back during the sparring session and used it as an opportunity to blow off steam following a prank. “He needed an excuse to blow off some steam after his son scared the s**t outta him,” quipped another user.

Impressive as Pereira’s son may be, it’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Alex refrained from knocking out his child. The previous incident occurred when his kids attempted to prank him after a training session.

Despite making his UFC debut in 2021, Alex Pereira has rapidly ascended to prominence within the organization. Known for his devastating punching power and unflinching demeanor, Pereira has earned a reputation for being unafraid of any challenge, both inside and outside the octagon.

In a recent prank gone awry, one of Pereira’s sons dressed as an alien and hid behind a wall, intending to startle his father upon his return home. The other son, meanwhile, captured the scene from upstairs, eagerly awaiting Alex’s arrival. As soon as Pereira entered the house, his son leaped out from behind the wall but almost immediately regretted his decision.

Alex, believing he was dealing with an intruder, came perilously close to knocking out his own son. Fortunately, his other children intervened as they witnessed Poatan preparing to throw a punch. Frustrated, the 36-year-old berated his kids, exclaiming, “F** this is not a joke, you only do s*t.” It was a moment that underscored the fearlessness of Alex Pereira, both in and out of the octagon.