(Video) UFC vet Sam Alvey retains Karate Combat title after opponent KOs him via headclash

In a dramatic turn of events, Sam Alvey retains his title as the Karate Combat heavyweight champion following an unforeseen incident during his first title defense.

Sam Alvey faced off against Antonio Arroyo in the highly anticipated main event of Karate Combat Kickback 2. The bout intensified in the second round when Alvey found himself on the receiving end of a relentless barrage of strikes from Arroyo, leading to the referee’s intervention.

Upon closer examination through replay footage, it was evident that the moment of the match stemmed from an accidental clash of heads. This ended up leaving Alvey disoriented and vulnerable, ultimately allowing Arroyo to capitalize on the situation.

The conclusion of the match resulted in an unexpected declaration by officials. They ruled it as a no-contest due to the unintentional headbutt that ultimately led to the TKO.

Despite the ambiguity surrounding the outcome, Sam Alvey retains the heavyweight belt. He had secured the title three months prior with a decisive victory over promotional standout Ross Levine.

Following the event, Karate Combat released a statement addressing the unfortunate turn of events. It read: “Regrettably, the bout between Sam Alvey and Antonio Arroyo has been declared a no-contest due to an accidental headbutt that led to the TKO.”

Despite the inconclusive result, fans can anticipate a thrilling rematch between Sam Alvey and Antonio Arroyo in the near future. The unresolved tension from their initial encounter sets the stage for an electrifying showdown, as both seek to settle the score and claim definitive victory.

While the outcome of Sam Alvey’s first title defense may have been clouded by unforeseen circumstances, his status as the Karate Combat heavyweight champion remains undisputed. As the anticipation builds for the impending rematch against Antonio Arroyo, fans will have to wait to see what happens next.