(Video) UFC vet Paul Felder goes viral with prank gone wrong, as pros and fans react hilariously

Former UFC lightweight and commentator Paul Felder has a career record of 17-6. On Rogan‘s podcast recently, Felder and Rogan discussed significant developments in the UFC.

Felder was recently agitated by a fan who turned out to be a troll. Felder remained calm and professional despite this. Additionally, he also refused to let the troll bother him.

The attitude of Felder serves as a lesson on how to deal with dignity and composure. However, the supporters didn’t feel the same way.

During the conversation, the fan passes by Felder and remarks, “he must want to get his a*s beat.” When Felder pauses and turns to face him, the troll tells him to “stick to commentating.”

The fans responded to the situation by saying:

UFC welterweight competitor Philip Rowe tweeted:“@felderpaul did he get you foreal bro?!”

“All my homies love felder,” a fan said.

Another fan said, “Felder shoulda thrown a spinning elbow”

Another commented: “Felder was about to show him why they call him Paul “The Iron Lung” Felder”

A fan noted: “Not the first time Felder has been pranked”


Another fan praised Felder by saying: “Felder is too solid to do that too, quit taking advantage of the good people for your shit*y pranks”

The achievements of Felder have stretched beyond the commentary booth and the octagon. He has shown that everyone can overcome challenges and accomplish their objectives with effort and tenacity. Felder started and finished a triathlon at the age of 37, despite the physical rigors of his prior career as a professional boxer.

He said: “I’ve been through some brutal fist fights in my time and what my body was feeling after that first race, I just wanted to drink Coca-Cola and water and lay down.”