UFC veteran Paul Felder is the reason why an MMA promotion still books two ambulances at all times

UFC veteran Paul Felder retired from MMA several years ago and refocussed on a career commentating UFC. Felder also acts on the side and has even before he was an MMA pro.

In a recent appearance on the Joe Rogan experience, Felder explained how his debut led to the promotion permanently changing how they operate.

“Around. That’s it. So when I turned pro, I was like, okay, I’ll do one pro fight just to sell as a pro athlete, you know, just to say that I did it. Honest to God, that’s why I did it. ”

“I was like, I’m going to go back to acting. And I was still doing professional shows in between getting ready for Fight one, the fight flying knee TKO, the dude, they took him out on a stretcher.”

“It was for CFC. They had to stop the show because they only had one ambulance. Oh, wow. So the ambulance had to take the guy and shout out to him to”

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“But they took him out and they had to wait for the ambulance to come back. So I just I stopped the show and my first wow, my first fight one ambulance and took him out of there.”

CFFC corroborated on social media offering:

“Former CFFC champ @felderpaul tells the story about why you’ll see two ambulances at every Cage Fury event now, and his time at CFFC before he graduated to the big show.”