(Video) UFC vet gets DQed from a BJJ comp for an eye gouge attempt

UFC heavyweight Juan Espino was disqualified from a local grappling tournament a while back. He was competing at a grappling contest in the Canary Islands.

The tournament was called “Give Me The Money 4” and it featured four teams — each with 5 participants.

The competition had many experienced grapplers, with Espino being the most popular one.

Espino excels in numerous forms of grappling and wrestling such as Canarian wrestling, South Asian Kabaddi, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Russian Sambo, and Senegalese Lucha Laamb. He has won championships all over the world.

In professional MMA contests, Espino has achieved 7 of his 10 wins via submission.

Naturally, he did well and won all of his matches prior to this one. However, despite his talent and experience, he managed to poke his opponent in the eye just to get out of a guillotine. The referee didn’t stop the contest and so the opponent didn’t let go.

The video above shows Espino eye poking the opponent and then slamming him to the ground. The opponent then went to the official and complained about the blatant eye poke. Espino was hence removed from the tournament while his opponent went through.

Espino debuted for the UFC four years ago. He won the heavyweight tournament of TUF 28 and was a part of Team Whittaker. He became the first-ever Spaniard to win a UFC contest.

However, a hand injury sidelined the grappling sensation for two years. He would then return at UFC 253, beating Jeff Hughes via submission.

After this, he competed at UFC on ESPN 22 against Alexander Romanov. Espino was winning until he accidentally hit Romanov with a knee strike to the groin.

He lost when the judges awarded a technical split decision in favor of the injured Romanov. Espino was quite unhappy with the result and he accused Romanov of faking the injury. He said that the “knee never had any impact on the area (the groin),”

It is uncertain who “El Guapo” will compete against next.