(Video) UFC Rising Star Payton Talbott Attributes Pole Dancing to Extraordinary Physique

In the world of mixed martial arts, fighters are always looking for an edge in training to build strength, flexibility, and overall conditioning. For rising UFC star Payton Talbott, one unorthodox method he has embraced is pole dancing.

In a recent interview following his impressive win over Cameron Saaiman at UFC Vegas 89, Talbott revealed that he incorporates pole dancing into his training regimen when healthy. When asked about this unique approach, the 27-year-old was candid about the benefits.

“I do pole dancing on and off when I’m healthy,” Talbott stated. “It’s pretty hard to do that within a camp because your body is super tired. But I do that as well as like, gymnastics type stuff.”

While pole dancing may seem like an unconventional training tool for a elite fighter, Talbott insists it pays major dividends for developing core strength – something evident in his chiseled physique.

“When you do pole, you get insanely good core strength. So that’s why you guys see my abs out there,” he explained, referring to his ripped midsection that has drawn plenty of attention from fans.

In addition to pole dancing, Talbott mentioned incorporating gymnastics movements like training on the pommel horse. He believes the unique blend of activities translates well to the octagon.

“I think everything translates,” he said. “And when you do pole, you get insanely good core strength.”

As Talbott continues rising up the UFC ranks, his divergent training methods like pole dancing may raise some eyebrows. But if it keeps providing him that exceptional core strength and bodybuilder physique, don’t expect him to stop dancing on the pole anytime soon.