(Video) UFC Fight Pass Head Slams Own Employee In Bizarre Must See Interview

UFC Fight Pass provides a lot of extra content that is great to watch. On Fightpass one can watch plenty of other minor MMA promotions, Jiu jitsu competitions, Combat jiu jitsu and Documentaries on fighters.

However what many might not know is that UFC Fight Pass content is curated by the Fight Pass Czar – that appears to be a real news chiron this person wanted to be identified by and offered no additional info.

The man in question agreed to be interviewed by another Fight Pass employee – TJ De Santis. De Santis has been a longtime employee of UFC Fight Pass and hosts a podcast on the subscription network. And yet the interview was still a colossal disaster. Not only was De Santis insulted by a man that’s likely his superior but he also had benign questions be turned into an argument.

Must see segment is attached below:


Plenty of people online reacted

De Santis appeared pleased to be getting media attention

If the interview was a skit it was at best a failed skit.

UFC’s official fight pass account seems to denote that it’s satire.