(Video) UFC Fans react to footage of BJJ black belt submitting KSI

The social media realm is abuzz with electrifying footage of KSI engaging in a grappling duel with a high-level jiu-jitsu submission specialist.

As expected, the black belt managed to exert control over the influencer boxer in several ways. Numerous fans on the platform responded with a spectrum of opinions and predictions.

@kfua_ referenced a former jiu-jitsu champion linked to a boxing bout with Olatunji previously: “Here before Dillon Danis quotes this”

@lezramgomez teased KSI, alluding to his previous bout’s outcome against Tommy Fury by commenting: “I’m assuming Ksi won & this was a robbery?”

@Kuma4King perceived this event as a portrayal of the limitations of traditional boxing when faced with mixed martial arts expertise: “this is what happens when a boxer fights a MMA”

Some others like @xxxtent76057833 expressed no surprise at all and said: “Not surprising he’s black belt after all he’ll do this to mayweather and every boxer but if he steps into the ring it’s night night”

@xxxtent76057833 boldly commented on the black belt’s prowess, envisioning a hypothetical scenario against renowned boxers like Mayweather, emphasizing the potential impact if the black belt steps into the boxing ring.

Many attribute KSI to be the one who initiated the influencer boxing movement. He started it with his amateur bouts against Joe Weller and Logan Paul.

Then, a rematch with Paul in a professional boxing match truly popularised the influencer boxing scene. KSI then took a few years off from the game.

Despite a hiatus from the sport, KSI made a notable comeback. He won two matches in one night against Swarmz and Luiz Pineda in August 2023. But the year was a rollercoaster ride, as KSI witnessed a no-contest outcome against Joe Fournier due to an accidental elbow KO and a points loss to Tommy Fury in October.