(Video) Boxer Ryan Garcia on McGregor: I will rip his arms off complete by myself with just one hand

In a recent, explosive interview, boxing sensation Ryan Garcia responded to Conor McGregor’s jabs, calling the Irish MMA star a “clown” and making some bold claims about his opponent’s questionable past with PED testing.

When asked about the brewing beef between the two athletes, Garcia didn’t hold back, firing off a series of scathing remarks aimed directly at McGregor. “What’s his problem? Yeah, he ran away from (PED) tests and then he like two and a half years was escaping … from tests. Like this dude’s a clown,” Garcia said.

Garcia’s comments come on the heels of McGregor’s recent jabs, which sparked a heated response from the 23-year-old boxer. “I don’t care, bro. Like, what’s his problem? I will beat the f*ck out of him. See, I don’t even want to be mean to him… I will rip his arms off complete by myself with just one hand. F*ck him dude. He’s drugged out. He’s an idiot little idiot.”

The controversy surrounding McGregor stems from allegations that he evaded tests for two and a half years. Garcia seized on these allegations, painting McGregor as a hypocrite. “He probably thinks he’s above the law or something… He just got off his rocker. He f*cking did a bunch of cocaine. F*ck him,” Garcia said.

However, when pressed about cheating allegations leveled against him, Garcia vehemently denied any wrongdoing.

For his part, Garcia reiterated his commitment to clean competition, drawing a stark contrast between himself and McGregor. “I don’t drive smoke from nobody. I will beat the f*ck out of Conor McGregor,” he declared.

The bad blood between Garcia and McGregor has been building for weeks, with both athletes trading barbs on social media. While it remains to be seen how this feud will play out, one thing is clear: Ryan Garcia is not backing down.

As the drama unfolds, fans of both athletes will be watching closely to see what’s next in this very public feud. One thing is certain: Ryan Garcia is not afraid to speak his mind and defend his reputation.