(Video) UFC Fans react to all girl throw down: “Chin like Max Holloway”

UFC fans are hardly strangers to viral footage. The predominantly male fandom practically scours the web – especially when UFC offers shoddy Apex cards such as the one they’re putting on this weekend.

But where UFC failed, internet delivered. Recently an all out brawl between two women went viral. The two were seen in a heated altercation at a parking lot – and one was even yielding a baseball bat.

Despite the concern for the participants, UFC fans were delighted to see someone take a heavy baseball bat shot to the jaw – and be unperturbed!

And while the first mauling was hardly enough the second proved more than worthy and the so called female Max Holloway had to take a “knee for the first responders”.

But despite all that the altercation showed no sign of slowing down and both were back on the feet waving once again.

“She has to go for a takedown for any hope of saving this round.” – one observer added.

The other suggested an ankle pick as the ultimate strategy.

“She ate that first hit like it was nothing. She could eat an Ngannou hook Iā€™m convinced” – another on looker observed.

“She used that angry Marvin Vettori energy to eat that” one UFC fan added tipping the hat to Vettori’s recent performance against Rob Whittaker.

Vettori was systematically picked apart for 3 rounds. He ate heavy shots but remained steady on his feet.