(Video) UFC fans have mixed reactions to UFC vet Greg Hardy livestreaming from Walmart job

The news of former UFC heavyweight Greg Hardy reportedly working at Walmart has been making headlines and sparking a flurry of reactions among fans.

Hardy himself posted a video on his account on Thursday night, in which he can be seen discussing his job as an employee trying to sell Spectrum Internet.

The video was shot at a Walmart store, where the “Prince of War” can be seen walking and complaining about his treatment by certain individuals and customers.

The MMA community was abuzz with discussion as rumors spread that the former NFL star was employed at Walmart.

Twitter users voiced their opinions, with some showing support for Hardy’s job at the retail giant, while others questioned why a former professional athlete with a lucrative career would resort to working in a store.

Some Twitter users applauded Hardy’s work ethic and determination to support himself, despite his previous success in professional sports. One user, @BeatinTheBookie, tweeted, “At least he’s working. What’s wrong with that?” Another user, @Dansaggin1, echoed the sentiment, saying, “At least he on his grind not asking for a handout. Let the guy live.”

Other users expressed surprise and concern that someone with Hardy’s background would be working at Walmart.

Twitter user @JonahFights questioned whether Hardy could pursue other career paths, tweeting, “I’m happy he got a job. But there’s gotta be something else he can do right??”

Similarly, @esotericgrifter pointed out Hardy’s previous earnings as an NFL player, tweeting, “Made $18m in the NFL alone. How can you fumble a bag that bad.”

Before his current job at Walmart, Hardy made headlines as a professional athlete. He made his highly-anticipated bare-knuckle boxing debut in February at Bare Knuckle FC’s Knucklemania 3 event, but suffered a defeat to Josh Watson in round two after being knocked out by a well-placed left hook.

Hardy signed with BKFC in June 2022 and was eagerly anticipated by fans to see how he would fare in the sport.

Prior to his foray into bare-knuckle boxing, Hardy had already made a name for himself in MMA, having competed in amateur competitions in 2016 before landing a spot on Dana White’s Contender Series.

Hardy’s promising football career hit a snag in 2014 when he was convicted of assaulting his girlfriend, which led to a downward spiral in his career.

Despite his legal troubles, Hardy was a dominant player during his peak, boasting an impressive 15 sacks in the 2013 season. However, he has since transitioned to the world of combat sports and now works at Walmart.