(Video) UFC fan requests a bodyshot from UFC’s Ilia Topuria

Ilia Topuria is an undefeated UFC competitor with a record of 13-0. He recently made headlines after a video surfaced on the internet of him hitting a fan with a liver shot.

The fan had challenged Topuria to hit him with a liver shot, but it turned out to be a decision he would regret. Topuria can be seen in a video donning a suit, and he wears a boxing glove at the fan’s request.

Topuria then hits the fan in the liver. The fan attempted to play it off at first, but the agony was too much for him to bear. He eventually took a knee to try to regain his breath.

Ilia Topuria is renowned for his lethal finishing skills. 8 of his 13 wins have been via submission, while 4 have been by knockout. Since his debut in 2020, Topuria has competed in the UFC five times. He won three of those matches by way of knockout.

The liver is a vital organ in the body, and a powerful shot to the area can be extremely dangerous. After Ryan Garcia’s bout with Gervonta Davis, Dr. Brian Sutterer posted a video on his YouTube channel explaining what happens when you are punched in the liver.

This past weekend inside the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis stepped into the ring in what was the greatest boxing match of the year. As Garcia lay motionless after taking a body shot in the seventh round of the bout, Davis was declared the winner.

While Gervonta Davis’ body shot may not have looked particularly powerful at first sight, Dr. Brian Sutterer said that a shot to the liver may cause your body to shut down.

According to Dr. Sutterer, a shot to the liver can cause a delayed reaction in the body which can be very difficult to control. Garcia’s body shut down completely after receiving a powerful liver shot. So despite his best efforts, Garcia was unable to get up from the canvas.

Dr. Sutterer said: “Now, a liver shot is really damaging, number one, because of the delayed reaction and number two because delayed reaction is something that physiologically you can’t control, that’s why we saw Garcia as much as he wanted to get up he truly wasn’t able to get up off the canvas. Your body really does just kind of shut down.”