Days after Iranian MMA star kicked a ring girl, his younger brother is DQ’d for multiple fouls

Just days after the viral incident where Ali Heibati kicked a ring girl during an event, his younger brother Mohammad Heibati was disqualified for repeated fouling during a bare-knuckle boxing match. The bout took place on April 27 in Russia at a Hardcore Fighting Championship (HFC) event.

Heibati was competing against Mukhamed Kalmykov in the highly anticipated main event title. From the outset, Heibati appeared unhinged, repeatedly attempting takedowns and kicks on his opponent despite the no-grappling, punches-only rules of bare-knuckle boxing.

The referee was forced to deduct points multiple times for Heibati’s blatant rule violations. At one stage, Heibati even kicked Kalmykov directly. After numerous cautions, the referee finally disqualified Heibati due to his inability to follow the rules.

Fans in attendance could be heard booing Heibati for his unsportsmanlike conduct and lack of composure. After the bout, Heibati claimed his fouls were retaliation for a minor foul committed by Kalmykov, but video replays showed no clear instigation.

The Heibati brothers’ behavior has cast a shadow over HFC’s latest bare-knuckle boxing event in Russia. While the promotion featured many exciting bouts and highlights, the main event disqualification marred what could have been a stellar night of action.

This latest incident comes just a week after Ali Heibati, Mohammad’s older brother, was caught on camera kicking a ring girl after his own boxing match, drawing widespread condemnation from the combat sports world.

Ali Heibati was subsequently banned from the promotion, forced to apologize and concede the entirety of his paycheck to the ring girl he kicked.