MMA Coach Slams Ronda Rousey’s Team: They had a Lamborghini and just wrecked it

During her most recent media tour, there has been a lot of talks about Ronda Rousey’s UFC career and the specific areas where things went wrong.

Rousey has candidly discussed the challenges she faced, particularly the concussions that marred her career. Other people have brought up things like her obligations to the media.

Additionally, Rousey’s coaches were also a hot topic of conversation as she was falling from the top of the sport.

During her pivotal UFC losses against Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes, criticisms were directed at her cornermen. They were criticised for fostering overconfidence in her striking abilities and seemingly neglecting her overall well-being and performance.

From an external standpoint, it appeared that there was a glaring absence of decisive leadership within Rousey’s coaching setup.

Louis Taylor is known as the longtime coach of welterweight contender Belal Muhammad. The two seem to get along well.

In an interview with Money Loyalty Legacy, Taylor shed light on the intricate dynamics of coaching relationships. He discussed the difference between being a friend and a coach to someone.

When it comes to his contenders, he thinks that he finds the ideal balance. However, that isn’t always the case.

When Taylor reflected on Rousey’s situation, he highlighted the inherent flaw in her coaching setup. According to him, there was a fundamental misalignment as no one assumed the role of a dedicated coach committed to Rousey’s growth and development.

Taylor stated: “Her coaching is, I would still slap her entire coaching staff like bro, they had a Lamborghini and just wrecked it. But, you know again, if your coaches, and Belal will tell you too, I’m a good friend cuz I’m the one that’s going to tell you you’re f****** up, you know what I’m saying.

“There’s not a fight, whether we win or lose, that I’m just like, you did great. No because I’m there to look for the mistakes, I’m there to look for what the next coach is looking for.”

In hindsight, it’s evident that Rousey’s coaching team failed to provide the necessary guidance and support crucial for her success. The absence of constructive criticism and strategic planning ultimately led to her downfall in the octagon.