(Video) UFC commentary booth reacts to Jon Jones’ victory, Cormier’s catches flack for lack of enthusiasm

UFC released a video featuring its commentators’ reactions to Jon Jones winning the heavyweight title at UFC 285.

However, fans are mainly focused on Daniel Cormier’s reaction in the clip, as he looked unimpressed and sat there without much reaction.

Cormier and Jones have a well-known rivalry, with tensions growing between the two during the lead-up to their bouts, and both taking turns in trash-talking the other. Jones emerged victorious in both contests, and the rivalry between the two only continued.

In lead up to UFC 285, Jones even jokingly walked off when asked to describe Cormier with a single word in a playful segment.

Earlier this year, Jones reached out to Cormier and reassured him that there isn’t any underlying hostility between them. Jones tweeted that he recognized Cormier’s character and appreciated his competitive nature, which had driven him to be a better competitor.

Despite this, fans are still speculating that Cormier’s lack of reaction in the video is due to his lingering bitterness towards Jones.

The scrutiny got to be so much that Cormier actually responded to it clarifying:

“Not bitter at all, legit couldn’t see what he had tapped to until we saw the different camera angle. You guys sure can create things. I really don’t care either way”

Cormier received the brunt of the criticism for commentary bias over the years. He has notably skewered toward AKA alumni, who he trained with. The fan reactions got to be so distracting Cormier was taken off of the job of commentating on UFC 280 which featured AKA’s Islam Makhachev in the main event.

There’s a wider conversation happening about commentary reactions being able to skewer judges scores and affect the outcome of the match but there’s no concrete solutions in sight.

Jones is likely returning on one of the Nevada set cards this summer so we’ll likely see a continuation of the old rivalry play out in media, especially considering Jones is facing Stipe Miocic whom Cormier previously faced twice.