(Video) UFC champ Alexa Grasso smacks directly into the camera in a whimsical moment after Shevchenko clash

Following her recent title bout, UFC women’s flyweight champion Alexa Grasso encountered an unexpected mishap. She accidentally struck her head against a camera in the midst of post-fight celebrations.

In March, Alexa Grasso faced Valentina Shevchenko in a highly anticipated showdown, resulting in a monumental upset. The 30-year-old Mexican fighter engaged in a fierce battle and capitalized on Shevchenko’s mistake in the closing moments of the fourth round. Shevchenko attempted a spinning back kick, allowing Grasso to swiftly mount her opponent’s back and secure a successful submission, thereby claiming the women’s flyweight championship.

Their rivalry continued last weekend at UFC FN 227, also known as Noche UFC, which coincided with Mexican Independence Day. The event prominently featured Mexican athletes, with Grasso headlining the event.

In their rematch, Grasso and Shevchenko once again engaged in a relentless clash. This time, the outcome was decided by a close split draw, with neither fighter emerging as the clear victor. Consequently, Grasso retained her title, while Shevchenko remained without a win.

Post-match, Grasso exited the octagon to celebrate with her family, friends, and numerous fans. She received abundant praise, yet a somewhat comical incident occurred amid the festivities.

While embracing a friend, Grasso inadvertently collided with a nearby camera. Many observers noted that the cameraman’s proximity was rather intrusive, but Grasso responded to the incident with good-natured humor, offering an apology and resuming her celebrations.

Given the contentious nature of the fight’s outcome, numerous fans are calling for a third encounter between Grasso and Shevchenko. Additionally, some have raised concerns about the scoring, particularly Judge Mike Bell’s decision to award Grasso a 10-8 round in the fifth.

Shevchenko, too, believes she won the fight and expressed her desire for a trilogy. She envisions the third match taking place in Kyrgyzstan, coinciding with the country’s Independence Day on August 31, as a fitting location to settle their rivalry.

Reflecting on the match, Shevchenko stated, “I was thinking it was 3-2, my side. I was thinking it was going to be a split decision.” She further elaborated on her proposal for the trilogy, suggesting that hosting the event in Kyrgyzstan would ensure equity in the rivalry’s geographic representation, following two Mexican Independence Day events. Shevchenko expressed confidence in the UFC’s willingness to facilitate such an arrangement.

The unexpected collision with the camera notwithstanding, Alexa Grasso’s successful title defense continues to fuel speculation about the future of this riveting rivalry in women’s flyweight MMA.