(Video) Uber driver is star struck picking up Jon Jones

An Uber driver had a hilarious reaction when he realized he picked up UFC star Jon Jones. The Uber driver’s hilarious expression when he noticed Jones in the back seat was a once in a lifetime moment. So naturally the video went viral.

MMA is a relatively young sports and most stars aren’t exactly household names. But Jon Jones is arguably the biggest ‘active’ star in the sport. Jones has been busy negotiating his heavyweight debut and is generally unperturbed about the long lay off.

Jon ‘Bones’ Jones and two of his friends needed a ride in broad daylight, and it seems like one of his friends was the one who ordered the Uber. This might be why the Uber driver did not realize who he was going to chauffer around.

The driver only realized Jones was there when everyone got into the car. When he spotted Jones, he showed a hilarious reaction and couldn’t stop repeating Jones’ name. Jones’ friend who sat in the front seat recorded the driver’s reaction and shared it on social media.

“When your uber realizes who they’re driving.” The video is captioned with goat emoji.

Jon Jones is considered as one of the greatest MMA athletes of all time. His name is always up there when discussing the best of all time. The 35-year-old started to compete at a young age and has been beating everyone in the UFC light heavyweight division since 2008. He is technically undefeated with his only loss being a disqualification in a bout he was winning.

Some still criticize Jones over his alleged PED use and claim this disqualifies him from the GOAT conversation along with Anderson Silva.

Jones has been absent from the octagon since February 2020. He is now ready to return, calling out former champion Stipe Miocic to exchange blows at UFC 282 in December. UFC 282 has been finalized and with it goes the last chance to see Jones return in 2022. Now it seems likely he’ll make an appearance in first quarter of 2023.