(Video) Tyson Fury flies to Iceland to confront ‘Thor’ Bjornsson

Tyson Fury retired just 4 months ago. But he’s already eager to instigate another opportunity to showcase his boxing – this time against a proven Stronman turned boxer Thor Bjornsson.

Tyson Fury travelled to Iceland along with his father John on a whim to once again confront the giant.

However, the Fury’s were unaware that Bjornsson was not in the country at the moment. Despite their inability to find the Icelandic giant, they did not give up.

After traveling to Iceland to face Bjornsson, Tyson Fury eventually ended up at a local place where he shared with his Instagram followers about his spontaneous vacation in a series of stories.

In the footage, Fury can be seen looking for Bjornsson. The two arrived in Iceland. With the help of his father, Fury issued a challenge to Bjornsson. They chose to go to Thor’s gym after failing to contact him.

Fury then released a playful video in which he pretended to be a Viking before abandoning his hunt for Bjornsson in favor of a cold beverage.


In a follow-up video, Bjornsson replied to the Fury family, claiming that he was in Rome at the time- on a filming location for an acting gig. He said he would be happy to organize a contest with Fury but required that he go about it the right way by having his team deliver a contract.

Fury seemed to be having a good time touring the continent. Especially after his desire to visit the US was nixed due to pesky travel restrictions that came about as a result of his close ties to wanted man – Daniel Kinehan.

After his most recent victory against Dillian Whyte in April, he declared his intention to retire from boxing. Many people questioned if he would genuinely remain away from the ring after his sudden abrupt retirement including his wife who expressed skepticism during his announcement even.

Fury is also discussing a return against Derek Chisora while the older Fury wants Tyson to face winner of Usyk Anthony Joshua.