(Video) Tyson Fury asked Francis Ngannou about the size of his manhood during ESPN interview

Tyson Fury is a peckish fellow. The British heavyweight boxing champion got one up on UFC when he opted to include current UFC champion Francis Ngannou in his ring interview with ESPN. As a reminder, Ngannou is locked in an intense battle with the UFC because they refuse to let him become a free agent. Thanks to the championship clause Ngannou will be free to do what he pleases come next December.

The conflict between Ngannou and the UFC is multi-layered. UFC is owned by Endeavor (previously called WME) and Ngannou is represented by their main competitor CAA.

“Before we leave I wanna bring in Francis Ngannou. Francis – ESPN.” Fury told the current UFC Heavyweight champion.

This is especially hilarious considering that Ngannou has no right to negotiate a boxing match before December when his UFC contract lapses. And perhaps even more so considering ESPN is a partner of the UFC.

Fury started “I’m the boxing heavyweight champion, he’s the UFC heavyweight champion, he’s in great shape – look at the muscles”

Francis added: “And we wanna find out who is the baddest mother f—er on the Planet.”
Fury finished: “Excuse the language”

It was during this exchange that Fury asked “He is a good looking lad, have you got a big corey?” Ngannou confusingly responded: “What?”

The ‘Gypsy King’ then bellowed with laughter before hugging Ngannou.

“This is going to be one very special fight,” Fury told ESPN in the ring after his win. “It’ll be something never before seen in the history of our sport. We’re not talking two guys around 140lb, I’m 270lb, he’s 270lb. It’s going to be an explosive fight when it happens. I’m the boxing heavyweight champion, he’s the UFC heavyweight champion, he’s in great shape, look at the muscles on him.

He later added: “He’s on my hit list in an exhibition fight, however he wants it. In a cage, in a boxing ring, boxing gloves, UFC gloves – we can make it happen. I think everyone wants to see it. He’s a monster of a guy, I’m a monster of a guy, so it’ll be a clash of the titans for sure.”