(Video) TUF 29 alumni tries playing vigilante and confronts predators IRL

28 year old Dustin Lampros is currently competing in Shamrock FC. He has a record consisting of 8 wins and no losses. Lampros has been competing in MMA professionally since 2018 with his most recent victory coming in July of 2022 via TKO.

Lampros also tried making it into UFC but was cut during the quarterfinals of TUF Season 29 (aired in 2021) after he was knocked out by a knee.

Dustin Lampros appears to have joined up with a number of other individuals into a group going by 561PC which is dedicated to making South Florida a better place.

The group of vigilantes has been active since November of 2022 and has confronted several men about their sketchy internet proclivities in the time since.

The group seems to model their behavior on the infamous show ‘To Catch a Predator’ which was an instant sensation in the early 2000s. And while the NBC show worked in collaboration with Law enforcement officers, Lampros and his group appear to not have the approval of police.

The issues with Lampros’ endeavor seem similar to what said show had gone through. For one, the show had collaboration from both Police and an NGO that was chatting up the suspects. And even this type of production encountered legal difficulties when one of the suspected predators chose to end his life as a result of the investigation.

While Lampros is probably capable of defending himself, he’s putting himself and others in imminent danger creating this type of content because it’s just a matter of time before the group runs into someone who is armed, possibly in a public place.

This is why police involvement is a must. Not to mention the legal boundaries – ie it’s more than likely that this type of stunt content might actually derail actual police investigations into predators.

Police officers make an appearance in the video but it’s unclear what involvement if any they have in these interventions especially considering the varied outcomes in the videos they’ve posted.