(Video) Trainer Downs Glass Of His Boxer’s Sweat

Yep, you heard it right. If you thought a shoey was gross – we have news for you.

During the preparations for his fight against Amir Khan, Kell Brooks has apparently been working really hard in the gym.

In a clip taken from the Sky Sports documentary Behind the Ropes, Brooks is seen interacting with his coach Dominic Ingle.

In the footage, Ingle asks Brooks for him to take his shirt off and twist it into a glass pint, in order to showcase how hard his athlete has been working.

“Shirt’s off,” Ingle says in the video.

“What we’re gonna do…” – “we’re gonna ring it all into this glass.”

As Brooks twists his sweaty t-shirt into the glass pint, Ingle jokingly says:

“We’re gonna sell it on eBay!”

The bizarre video then continues:

“That is the sweat,” – “On the 19th you are going to get the blood and the tears from Khan, you can give me the sweat instead.”

The former Middleweight champion then dares his coach to drink the sweat in the glass pint.

“Down it!” Brooks says.

To the misfortune of everyone watching the clip, his trainer then obliges.


Brooks is expected to face fellow former champion, Amir Khan, this Saturday, February 19.

Even though both fighters are not in their prime anymore, the promotion for this fight has been outstanding.

At least when it comes from noteworthy clips.

Like this exchange of words between the two boxers.

In this hilarious clip, Khan is seen getting in Brooks’s head pretty easily.


Brooks hasn’t fought in two years, and Amir Khan hasn’t stepped in the ring in nearly three.

This will probably be one of the last times we see them both in the ring.

Both fighters are 35 years old and are at the end of their professional boxing journeys.