(Video) Tito Ortiz Goes Viral for Failing at a Mic drop and hitting himself

UFC legend Tito Ortiz found himself in the viral spotlight once again, but this time for a hilarious mic drop fail. The former light heavyweight champion was a guest at a recent MMA event, giving a speech that he attempted to punctuate with a cool mic drop. However, Ortiz’s execution went awry as he accidentally threw the microphone up into the air, causing it to come crashing down and hit him squarely on the forehead.

The comedic mishap was captured on video and quickly spread across social media, drawing amusement from fans and even a reaction from UFC president Dana White, who commented “THAT’S MY BOY!” One fan quipped, “How do you f*ck up letting go of something in your hand?” while another added, “Only Tito could manage to drop a mic and hit himself in the head with it.”

Despite being one of the true pioneers of the UFC and holding the light heavyweight title from 2000-2003, Ortiz has long been regarded by fans as more of a comical figure than a figure of intimidation. Known for his aggressive style but also his struggles with articulation, the “Huntington Beach Bad Boy” has a penchant for unintentionally saying bizarre or misguided things, often while believing he has just delivered an epic line.

This was exemplified when Ortiz revealed in an interview that he wanted to “outlive my children” after adopting a healthier lifestyle, a statement that had fans scratching their heads. His latest mic drop blunder only further cements his reputation as an endearing personality who provides unintentional comedy.

Now 49 years old and officially retired from MMA competition since 2019 with a record of 21-12-1, Ortiz has expressed interest in returning for more fights. In the meantime, he has kept busy with pursuits like acting, wrestling, boxing, and even creating his own energy drink brand. While he may not have mastered the mic drop, fans remain enamored with the fighter’s unending ability to unintentionally entertain.