(Video) Tiktoker goes viral after he recreates masterful knock from UFC Vegas 76 all on his own

Carlos Diego Ferreira delivered a remarkable knockout in last night’s UFC event, leaving fans awestruck. The seasoned veteran displayed his dominance over Michael Johnson in the lightweight clash, producing one of the most memorable knockouts of 2023.

In the second round, Ferreira landed a powerful overhand right which sent Johnson reeling to the canvas. The impact was so severe that Johnson appeared to lose consciousness before hitting the ground, his body stiffening up as he fell. Ferreira then followed up with an additional punch.

An Instagram user with the handle @Papiigiio found Johnson’s knockout humorous and decided to recreate the scene in his hallway. Astonishingly, Papiigiio managed to mimic Johnson’s fall with uncanny accuracy, stiffening up and collapsing in a similar fashion. This video garnered significant attention from viewers across social media platforms.

He captioned the video: “Micheal Johnson when he fights an unranked UFC fighter making his MMA debut.”

Content creator @trillavfx took the video a step further by adding Ferreira to the footage. The doctored video depicted Ferreira’s right hand connecting with @Papiigiio’s face, followed by the subsequent punch.

Carlos Diego Ferreira’s knockout victory against Michael Johnson at Friday night’s UFC event was bad for his career. Despite accumulating 19 losses throughout his MMA career, only three of them have come via knockout.

In spite of this, Johnson’s last knockout loss in the octagon was identical to the one he endured at the hands of Ferreira. He was severely knocked out in the third round of a 2019 bout with current featherweight contender Josh Emmett as a result.

However, the similarity between Ferreira’s knockout and Johnson’s previous defeat against Josh Emmett in 2019 cannot be ignored. In that bout, Johnson suffered a knockout in the third round, displaying eerily similar characteristics to his recent loss.

These similarities between the knockouts may help explain the online trolling and criticism that Johnson has faced following his latest defeat. Additionally, Justin Gaethje defeated Johnson by knockout in 2018.