(Video) TikTok star submitted by UFC legend Nate Diaz in impromptu rolling session

Bryce Hall is widely known as a social media star, primarly from tiktok. Hall was previously a part of a social gloves event and tried he’s hand in boxing.

Hall appears to be now also trying his hand at grappling. He was recently spotted struggling against Nate Diaz during a gym session in California.

After getting stopped in a boxing match by youtuber Austin McBroom last summer, the social media phenomenon has been preparing for a comeback to the ring.

Hall has wrestled since he was in high school, but he has no expertise in jiu-jitsu. He’s also boxed on a regular basis since agreeing to face McBroom in June, and he wants to fight again.

Really random thing that happened to me today; we just did a late workout at zoo culture and there’s this random jiu-jitsu and boxing gym next door,” Hall remarked in a Snapchat video.

“I see Nate Diaz, and being the fanboy that I am I walk up and he tells me to train with him.”

“So I ended up saying yes because when Nate Diaz invites you to train, you can’t say no. So that was my day. I sparred with Nate Diaz, wrestled with Nate Diaz, and he just kept putting me in submissions. It had a ‘life is a simulation’ sense about it.”

Hall’s Instagram followers got a glimpse of the sparring session as well as a snapshot of him and Diaz in the gym. He can be seen in the video trying to take down the UFC star and finally getting placed in a submission.

Diaz has also been working on his comeback. Diaz is expected to finish his UFC contract before going on to boxing, where he will face YouTube sensation, Jake Paul.