(Video) Tik Tok star Bryce Hall lands impressive finish in bare-knuckle boxing debut

In an electrifying display of athleticism, TikTok sensation Bryce Hall made an unforgettable entry into the world of bare-knuckle boxing. He defeated veteran Gee Perez on Friday night at BKFC 48 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Bryce Hall drew a massive crowd at the Tingley Coliseum for his co-main event showdown against veteran Gee Perez. This bout marked Hall’s return to the ring after his 2021 boxing loss to YouTuber Austin McBroom.

On that day in June 2021, Hall was stopped in the match. He left the sport for two years owing to a lot of obligations, including a sizable film contract.

The event was graced by the presence of social media stars like Jarvis, Kay Khattri, Overtflow, Kane Trujillo, and Evil Hero. As Bryce Hall made his entrance, he paid homage to controversial internet figure Andrew Tate through his walk.

Perez seemed to be having trouble with the size disparity in the first round. But he was given an opportunity when Hall became excessively agitated and attempted to take him down, just missing getting a point taken. As the first round went on, the two started teasing one another.

The second round did not live up to Hall’s promise of a viral knockout, as he continued to apply forward pressure on Perez. The experienced competitor chose not to return for the third round since it looked like he had a forearm injury that probably occurred during the takedown.

Hall showed respect for his adversary, who had gained over 30 pounds for the match. In addition Hall repeated his famed “I’m not a boxer” remark, correcting it to demonstrate that he is in fact a ‘fighter.’

Referring to the memorable interview before the match that had become a meme, he said: “I just have to finalize this speech by saying ‘I am a fighter, I am a boxer.’ I always claimed to be a f***ing fighter!”

The event’s headline match featured hometown hero and UFC legend John Dodson, who competed against Jeremy Riggs for the inaugural BKFC flyweight title. An enthusiastic crowd, nearly filling the 11,000-seat arena, bore witness to the spectacle.