(Video) Student challenges professor to wrestle during class, lives to regret it

For many of us who train martial arts, sitting in class seems like a waste. One student thought the same so he challenged his professor to a wrestling match. Wrestling has a very long history going so far as 20th century Before Christ. There are wrestling scenes in Ancient Egyptian tombs not to mention Ancient Greece. And of course it’s one of the first sports to be in the Olympic games.

But the student didn’t anticipate that his professor would take him up on the offer. The two allegedly had a ‘beef’ with each other. The entire exchange was measured at first. The two wrestled for underhooks with the student having a noticeably lower base.

The professor was clad in a button down shirt and completed his look with suspenders holding up his pants. But none of that classical attire stopped him from putting in valiant effort.

The student seemed reluctant to shoot despite the fact that he had a solid chance right in the beginning of the clip.

Both had given up on underhooks and had instead opted for collar ties, dragging each other’s heads downwards.

When the student did finally shoot he telegraphed the single leg attempt allowing for his professor to grab onto his head as a counter. He managed to escape that hold though and the two reset back in normal stance.

At this point professor shot for a single and wrapped his arms around the student’s knee. Student sprawled, tried to rotate on professor’s back however he circled in the wrong direction allowing the professor to snatch his leg, and promptly dump him on the class room floor unceremoniously.

Initially student avoided getting pinned but the scholar recovered, sprawling on top of him and preventing him to get up.

Professor was quite fond of the exchange and saluted the students in the audience. He would go on to sprawl on the student preventing him from evening the score at which point he proved that his movement was on point, making it to the student’s back.