(Video) Streamer Vitaly catches perp on stream and makes him box then and there

In a recent video, streamer Vitaly captures a tense moment on camera as he confronts a potential predator and makes him box then and there.

The footage has stirred debate among viewers, with many questioning the legality of Vitaly’s actions. While some speculate about potential legal repercussions, others believe Vitaly may avoid pressing charges to capitalize on the publicity.

Additional footage reveals a member of Vitaly’s group wearing a shirt bearing the phrase “XQC protects,” adding complexity to the situation.

For further context, it’s mentioned that XQC, another streamer, shared opinions suggesting Vitaly’s approach achieves little and advocates for involving law enforcement instead.

Amidst the discussions, some users express doubts about the authenticity of the encounter, suggesting it could be staged with paid actors.

However, others counter this argument, pointing out the unlikelihood of an actor consenting to such a scenario.

Criticism towards Vitaly intensifies as some users accuse him of prioritizing views over child safety, alleging he resorts to physical confrontation rather than involving authorities.

Contrary opinions emerge, with one individual sharing insights from law enforcement, suggesting that confrontational approaches like Vitaly’s can hinder legal proceedings and advocating for direct involvement of the police.

The commentary highlights the complexities surrounding content creation in sensitive matters and raises questions about ethical responsibility versus online acclaim.

This is just the latest conotroversy from Vitaly.

Vitaly refused to undergo a PED test after winning against MoDeen at Misfits Boxing 13 on 24th of March.

During the encounter with an official, Vitaly asked about potential consequences but dismissively disregarded the test.

Despite being 32 years old, Vitaly admitted to testosterone usage, drawing criticism from fans on social media.

Fans expressed suspicion regarding his use of PEDs and referenced past legal issues involving assault against a female jogger.

Vitaly’s entitled demeanor sparked backlash among fans, with some considering him a typical influencer exerting privilege.

There were calls for his exclusion from future combat sports events, echoing consequences similar to his current ban from major sporting events due to previous pranks.

Vitaly’s history of altercations includes a past confrontation with Bradley Martyn during the rematch between Logan Paul and KSI in 2019, leading to physical altercations before being separated.