(Video) Stray punch drops Referee during MMA bout

The EFC referee Wiekus Swart suffered a heavy blow on the job recently. The blow was quite hard to the point that Swart was unable to continue performing his duties.

Wiekus Swart was observing a ckash between Johan van Staden and Ziko Magengele at the EFC 93 event on April 9. The event took place in Johannesburg, South Africa.


Both athletes were throwing vicious punches at each other when the bell rang, signaling the end of the round. Swart immediately jumped in between the two, who were still throwing, to separate them. Unfortunately, one of the punches landed on Swart’s face.

The stray punch was delivered by Ziko Magengele who was aiming for his opponent Staden. The referee was caught by surprise and the power of the punch sent him to the canvas, knocking him down for a second.

Wiekus Swart managed to get back on his feet and act like nothing happened as the two returned to their corner. However, he was eventually removed and replaced by another referee.

The bout continued and Ziko Magengele came out as the victor. He viciously knocked out Staden after delivering a combination of punches. With this victory, ‘The Gorilla’ kept his undefeated record . He has competed four times in professional mixed martial arts and won via finishes.