(Video) Stranger wanted to knock out Sean O’Malley during Prank gone wrong

Sean O’Malley has been working on his social media stardom. For O’Malley the social proof is equally as important as skill showcased in the octagon which is why he took the time out of his schedule to play a collab prank on an unsuspecting victim.

O’Malley, a UFC bantamweight prospect, has amassed a fan base that far outweighs his performance inside the Octagon. This largely because of his familiarity with the social media landscape and his endearing personality. He’s also collaborated with other ‘youtubers’ and mega celebrities.

In his latest, Sean O’Malley pretended to be a gas station worker. In the prank video with ThatWasEpic, he reportedly came dangerously close to an awful incident.

O’Malley and ThatWasEpic pretended to tow automobiles at a gas station as part of the setup for the joke before paying them $1000.


The driver of the vehicle they were threatening to tow said that he almost threw his hands up in the air and that he had previously served time in jail for assault.

The man said,

“Bruh, y’all almost got slept bruh. Crazy bro, because I’ve been to prison for assault twice already. If you would’ve tried to hook it up, both you guys would’ve been slept. I’mma go full boxer.”

Evidently, the guy was unaware that one of the individuals he was threatening was a top striker in the UFC’s most competitive division. All things considered, Sean O’Malley handled the threats well, refusing to correct the guy.

O’Malley probably could have handled the scenario with ease if it had gotten violent. It’s fortunate that the two were able to defuse the situation before things got out of hand.

O’Malley is scheduled to face former champion Petr Yan at UFC 280. He has accomplished all of this without ever defeating a ranked opponent.