(Video) Spinning kick to the liver ends contest in unprecedented moment

Ring Championship emerges as a thriving hub for mixed martial arts and muay thai enthusiasts, headquartered in South Korea. While relatively nascent, the organization’s portfolio boasts a string of gripping events that captivate combat sports aficionados. Among these showcases, Ring Championship 04, held on April 6 in Seoul, South Korea, emerged as a pinnacle of excitement.

The event showcased an array of mixed martial arts encounters, featuring a blend of emerging talents and debutants. Despite their novice status, these contenders exhibited remarkable fortitude and drive, captivating audiences with their tenacity. Amidst the flurry of action, one bout stood out distinctly – a featherweight clash pitting Dong Hyun Shin against Valentin Compagnon on the main card.

In only his second professional bout, Shin faced off against Compagnon, making his debut in the professional arena. The encounter lived up to its billing, with both combatants launching into the fray with ferocious intent. The bout unfolded as a seesaw battle, each fighter seizing fleeting moments of dominance.

As the match progressed to its final round, the tempo slowed, with caution replacing aggression. Moments later, Shin seized an opportunity, unleashing a devastating spinning heel kick that found its mark on Compagnon’s liver. The impact sent Compagnon crumpling to the canvas, writhing in agony, prompting the referee to swiftly halt the contest, declaring Shin the victor via knockout in the third round.

The liver, a vital organ responsible for a myriad of bodily functions, including detoxification and metabolism, stands as a strategic target in combat sports due to its sensitivity and abundant nerve endings.

Dong Hyun Shin’s triumph marks a pivotal moment in his burgeoning MMA career, redeeming himself from a debut loss the previous year. Conversely, Valentin Compagnon, in his MMA debut, endured the sting of defeat.